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As access to education has increased, so has the size of the classroom. A class of forty students to one teacher isn’t an optimal ratio. With less attention to each student, some are bound to fall through the gaps. Often the faster half of the class sets the pace of the lesson, leaving those confused to get dragged along until the exam.

With private tutoring, this isn’t the case. Tutoring pairs educators and students one to one so that lessons are tailored to the student’s strengths, suited nodes of learning and speed at which they pick up material. Teachers can’t provide an hour of special attention to a student every week, but a tutor certainly can.

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The consultation session is a chance for you to ask questions and to select your tutoring preferences. You can choose your tutoring location, schedule, subject area, grade level, and even add special requests!

At the same time, your child will complete a quick 30 minute quiz on their tutoring subject. Our curriculum-based assessment will shine a light on your child’s academic blind spots and allow our tutors to plan for the initial tutoring session.

That way, no time is wasted and your child can hit the ground running.


What Our students Say About Us

“I had many questions during their consultation session so the session went over the usual 30 minutes. However, they patiently answered all my questions and did not rush me. Their helpful attitude really made me believe that their tutoring can help my son. When my son had a lot of exams and a tutor wasn't scheduled yet, the company owner personally helped my son through email free of charge. Thank you TutorHour for going above and beyond!”
Mary Kinsey
“My daughter has been with TutorHour since September last year. She's only in Grade 1 but was already able to move up to reading level H! Considering she started at level A, I'll say that's a big improvement! Her tutor is very friendly and my daughter looks forward to her tutoring lessons each week. Thank you so much for the affordable in-home tutoring. :)”
Cindy Cronin

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