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Give us a call today at (587) 802-1192

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we go beyond the school curriculum

We focus on long-term cognitive development and building skills that extend past regular classroom learning. Whether your child is falling behind or looking a new challenge, TutorHour is the solution! 

Our curriculum-based diagnostic test will give you a comprehensive look at your child’s academic performance. With result-orientated tutoring, you can track your child’s process after each tutoring session.

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Life is unpredictable sometimes. With TutorHour’s online account system, you can easily reschedule and cancel tutoring lessons. You can also set up automatic reminder emails/ texts or sync your calendar with TutorHour. 

You are in control of your child’s learning . After every tutoring session, you can view a summary of the lesson as well as the teacher’s feedback comments. 

Our tutors are best of the best

You deserve to be picky. That’s why at TutorHour, we only hire the top 10% of applicants. 

The TutorHour teaching team includes certified teachers with over 10 years of classroom teaching experience and retired professors from renowned universities such as the University of Toronto. Our teaching team also includes valedictorians who are eager to pass on their learning strategies and memorization tricks to the next generation of students.

Before you decide on a tutor, you can arrange a free 5 to 10 minute meet and greet to see it they are a good fit for your child. 

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