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Give us a call today at (587) 802-1192

Our Programs

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We can go where you are! We offer both online and in-person tutoring. You can choose any location within our operating cities (Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto).


We offer flexible scheduling based on your needs. You can customize your tutoring schedule around your current schedule. Our online portal gives you a birds eye view of upcoming appointments!


We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. Meet your future tutor in a free 5-10 minute session before you decide to commit. Switch or add a tutor at any time.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Don't pay until after you try!

Our subject offerings

We offer tutoring in the four core subjects – math, English, science, and social studies. We also offer help in advanced enrichment programs and special education. Please see “locations” for programs specific to your provincial curriculum. 


From basic arithmetics to advanced calculus, we help students develop problem-solving skills.


Learn the essentials of language comprehension and develop communication and persuasion skills.


We bring science to life by helping students make the leap from abstract concepts to real-life applications.

Social Studies

We inspire a sense of curiosity about the world's history and culture with fact-based storytelling.


Skip ahead at your own pace as we provide you the supplemental advanced material to stimulate your brain.

Special Education

We are experienced in the AP and IB curriculum. Our tutors also have experience with IPP and IEP.

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