Our Difference

Convenient Location

We know that time is valuable to you. So, we’ll like to help you save on time wasted in traffic jams. TutorHour, unlike other learning centers, comes to you. There is no need to venture outside to brave the often unpredictable Alberta weather. You have the flexibility for tutoring to take place in the comfort of your own home or at the closest public library.

One-on-one tutoring

TutorHour offers the best value for your dollar. Whereas other learning centers only offer you small group tutoring, we believe the best way to facilitate learning is through one-on-one attention. Every question your child has will be immediately answered and any misunderstandings immediately addressed.

Flexible Payment

We don’t charge registration fees. Every dollar you spend goes directly into helping your child achieve their academic potential. There are no hidden fees and we have the lowest administration related fees in Alberta. Zero! There is also low commitment. We think that it is ridiculous that other tutoring services require you to pay for a year’s worth of tutoring in advance. With TutorHour, you only need to pay a month in advance and you can cancel lessons anytime!

Proven quality

All of our tutors are handpicked based on their educational background and teaching experience. With TutorHour, you can rest assured that your child is learning from the best. 100% of our tutors attended the best educational institutions in Alberta. Namely, Old Scona Academic High School or the University of Alberta. Our rigorous screening process eliminates 90% of our applicants.

Progress tracking

TutorHour is one of the only professional tutoring services to offer real-time progress tracking. From the moment your child starts learning with TutorHour, we start off a comprehensive progress tracking report which you can request to view at any time. Where other tutors simply say they helped, we prove it with results!