High School

With increasing competition for a spot at a good university, your child will need all the extra resources they can get. Classroom teachers also have trouble helping all students especially with increasing class sizes. Luckily TutorHour can help!

We offer tutoring in

Math 10/ 20/ 30

Science 10

Biology 20

Chemistry 20

Physics 20

English 10/ 20

Social Studies 10/ 20

French 10/ 20

Test Prep

If your child needs help in more than one subject area, you can book two or more tutors! When your child first starts learning with TutorHour, a free consultation session will help us determine the areas for improvement. You’ll see your child progress through TutorHour’s carefully planned, individualized lesson plans.

At this stage, practice is paramount to success. With TutorHour’s worksheets, your child will develop a firm foundation.

When your child is fully comfortable with the material at their grade level, they can start TutorHour’s accelerated learning program JumpAhead!

Join us! It will only take a minute