TutorHour Frequently Asked Questions

TutorHour delivers an incredible value for an affordable rate. The total monthly fee will vary according to how often and for how long your child attends a tutoring session. You can choose to have 60, 90, or 120-minute sessions twice or more a week.  We charge a flat rate of $54/ hour with discounts for longer term bookings. TutorHour is very flexible and can work with your needs. You can change your scheduling on a per month basis. For more information, see the pricing tab.

Our tutors are available whenever you need us at times most convenient to you. We are available every day throughout the week. We offer tutoring sessions from 4:00pm-9:00pm from Monday to Friday and sessions from 9:00am-9:00pm from Saturday to Sunday. We are also available during the summer and school holidays.

You are able to reschedule your session up to 48 hours before the lesson starts and make up that lesson for another day of the week. You can easily view and change your upcoming tutoring lessons by logging in to your TutorHour student account.  If we are not notified in time, you will be charged in full.

We recommend booking sessions for at least two times per week to ensure the fastest and most optimal results. For students from grades 1-3, we recommend 60 minutes/ session. For students from grades 4-8, we recommend 90 minutes/ session. For grades 9 and up, we recommend 90 -120 minute sessions.

Don’t wait until your child’s grades start to slip to find a tutor! If your child is constantly confused, lacking confidence in their schoolwork, or constantly putting work off, this may indicate they need a tutor. Hiring a tutor can help your child to improve their study habits, cultivate a sense of self-motivation, and even exceed the grade-level expectations!

We will keep you regularly updated with your child’s progress and improvement. TutorHour keeps a log of the work your child has done and sets realistic and achievable goals for them. You can view lesson notes and feedback at anytime by logging into your TutorHour account.

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